AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka basked in the afterglow of Big Labor’s string of victories over the last week, sending an email to supporters celebrating President Obama’s success in moving pro-union nominees nominees through the Senate.

The confirmations included: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau head Richard Cordray on July 16, Labor Secretary Tom Perez on July 18, and all five members of the National Labor Relations Board on Tuesday.

The nominations had been held up for months due to Republican opposition. The GOP caved during the July 16 Senate filibuster rule showdown, gaining some minor concessions in exchange for promising not to filibuster the nominees.

In an email to AFL-CIO coalition members Wednesday, Trumka called this a “huge win for workers’ rights.”

When Republicans threatened to block the confirmation of the NLRB nominations—not to mention others like Perez and Cordray—you stood up and fought back. You sent a clear message that our country needs an agency that protects workers’ rights and that if our democracy isn’t working, we should fix it.