Last night the Drudge Report announced that Romney was nearing the end of his search for a Vice President candidate, reporting that Condoleezza Rice was currently the “frontrunner” in the search.

Most conservatives, however, dismissed the idea.

“I’m surprised,” writes the National Review’s Katrina Trinko. “Both Rice’s views on abortion (she has said that she is “mildly pro-choice“)  and her years in the Bush administration seem likely to generate controversy, while I’m not seeing any group of voters that she would automatically attract.”

On Twitter, The National Review’s Robert Costa cited a “Top Romney source” that told him “No Condi.”

“Romney wants someone more comfortable in ‘attack dog’ mode,” Costa reported. “I hear a few UT retreat attendees (donors, etc.) are stirring Condi buzz. Per people I trust, it’s not Boston-driven.”

Costa added that the name he was hearing at the top of this list this week was Pawlenty.

At Hot Air, Allahpundit writes, "I don’t buy it. Problem one: Bush, Bush, Bush."

Allahpundit adds that Condi is pro-choice, and points out that Romney is wrong if he thinks the choice will give the ticket diversity points.

"The left will attack any woman and/or minority VP choice viciously as 'inauthentic' and illegitimate in order to avoid losing any women or minority votes to the GOP." he adds.

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin, called the idea “bad politics” on his evening radio show, also citing Rice’s connections to Bush.

“Not only will Romney be defending Bain up through the election, now he’s going to have to be defending Bush and Bush’s policies right up through the election,” he said. “This is a bad idea. No offense, Condi Rice.”

“Pick a damn conservative who’s managed something,” he added. “You’ve got a strong bench to choose from and stop playing it safe.”

Red State’s Eric Erickson failed to give the report any credence.

“I don’t know who is hitting the crack rock tonight in the rumor mill, but bull shiitake mushrooms,” he wrote, citing Rice’s pro-choice views and connections to Bush. “I don’t even think this is a serious leak from Team Romney. It’s just silly.”

Erickson also reported on Twitter, “Multiple assurances from Team Romney tonight that Condi is not happening for Veep.”