Ever since they stormed our embassy, Iran has remained somewhere near the top of U.S. national security concerns. They sponsor terrorists. They subvert governments. And they have very real nuclear aspirations that include vaporizing at least one of our allies. All things considered then, the anti-government protesters spilling into the streets of Tehran are the most welcome development in decades.

George Stephanopoulos didn’t think so.

During a Sunday interview with Nikki Haley, Stephanopoulos didn’t even ask about Iran. He pestered the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations about an error-riddled, unverified tabloid tell-all. The interview ended without a single question about the protests and three about Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

Haley was appropriately dismissive, telling the host that “I have not read the book and I won’t read it.” The ABC host and commentator should’ve known that answer was coming.

A sensational narrative with more than questionable reporting, Fire and Fury has started to flame out. Over the weekend, it became a beltway Twitter game to pinpoint the laughable falsehoods inside the book.

Wolff reported that CNN published the Russian dossier … but that was BuzzFeed News. Wolff wrote that Washington Post reporter Mark Berman lunched with Ivanka Trump at the Four Seasons Hotels … but that was longtime lobbyist Michael Berman. Wolff stands by his book … but admits in the introduction that many of the juicier anecdotes “are in conflict with one another” and might even be “badly untrue.”

Granted the book hijacked the news cycle for several days and deserves some kind of comment. But the answer was predictable. The administration and the president have already fallen all over themselves to dismiss it.

And granted Stephanopoulos did ask detailed questions about North Korea. But that discussion could’ve been more substantial and could’ve included questions about the situation in Iran.

The interview wasn’t without merit though. It showed what Stephanopoulos really considers newsworthy.