Best Coast is heating up.

Really. The Los Angeles surf rock duo just finished the Southern swing of its current tour, and, according to Best Coast multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno, the only downside of the band's recent shows has been rising temps.

"It's been insanely hot at a lot of the shows," Bruno said, speaking by phone before a show in Atlanta. "That's my only complaint."

Best Coast performs at the 9:30 Club on Tuesday.

Best Coast
» Where: 9:30 Club, 815 V St. NW
» When: 7 p.m. Tuesday
» Info: $20; 202-265-0930;

Bruno and bandmate singer-songwriter-guitarist Bethany Cosentino are spending quite a bit of time out on the road this year. Their current headlining touring comes on the heels of opening for Green Day in recent months. An arena tour opening for a big act like Green Day was a change of pace for the members of Best Coast.

"We'd never done an arena tour before," Bruno said. "It was a little different opening; you're playing a lot earlier. It was a really easy tour. Mostly a lot of sitting around waiting to do your thing.

"It was a little weird playing for a lot of people who don't know your music and just being on a huge stage when we're used to people just being right in front of us," Bruno added. "I'm glad we did it."

It's been a year since Best Coast's second full-length effort, "The Only Place," allowing the band to perform some older stuff on this tour without an album to support.

"We're definitely playing some older songs from the first record that we haven't really played consistently for the last year and a half," Bruno said. "That's been fun, just relearning old stuff."

Best Coast released a new seven-inch for Record Store Day back in April and has recorded a new EP due out later this summer. Though Bruno said they don't plan to perform any of the unreleased material live on this tour.

"We really don't like to play stuff before it's released properly," Bruno said. "Then there's thousands of crappy versions on YouTube. They sound really bad because they were recorded on someone's phone. We usually wait until the release is out before we start playing new stuff."

Cosentino and Bruno formed Best Coast in L.A. in 2009 and garnered a following after a handful of seven-inch and EP releases and their debut full-length, "Crazy for You," in 2010. The band's sound can best be described as a new brand of surf rock.

Bruno said there are no plans yet to record a new full-length album, just more touring.

"We're super grateful and feel really fortunate we've been able to do everything we've done so far," Bruno said.