President Obama ended a visit to the Lone Star State with an impromptu photo-op at Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, rounding out a two-day trip that included numerous speaking engagements, raising millions of dollars for Democratic candidates and complaining loudly about Republican opposition.

The president's BBQ photo-op comes less than 24 hours after he said during a press conference Wednesday that he would not visit the U.S.-Mexico border because he's not “interested in photo-ops.”

“Hey guys! I hear the barbecue is pretty good here. Is that true?” Obama said Thursday as he cut directly to the front of the line. “I know this is a long line. I feel real bad, but — I’m gonna cut.”

The president followed up his apology by paying for the meals of the people he had cut in front of as well as ordering takeout his own party, according to a pool report.

“The tattooed workers patiently waited for POTUS to sort out his order,” the New York Times' Jackie Calmes reported, adding that the president “produced a wad of 20s” when he reached the register.

The order totaled roughly $300.

“Two lucky people he cut ahead of -- Bruce Finstad of Houston and his daughter Faith Finstad of Austin -- got as a presidential gift 3 lbs of beef brisket, 2 lbs of ribs, a half-pound of sausage and a half-pound of turkey for themselves and two other family members already seated."

“Hold on — how many folks are y’all feedin’?” Obama joked when he heard the family's order.

The president was to return Thursday night to Washington.