Gay marriage isn’t the only thing President Obama is fast “evolving on.” Stabbed in the back by coal country in West Virginia’s embarrassing Tuesday Democratic primary, the Obama-Biden campaign has overnight discovered coal.

The president, who talks up green energy while pushing an agenda that advocates say would hurt coal, has without comment changed the sources of energy the Obama-Biden campaign is touting in their “all of the above” energy policy.

It happened after the White House was rapped at a hearing for ignoring coal, even “clean coal,” in his energy policy. “President Obama has gone around the country, like many of us, and he’s talked about, ‘We want an all-of-the-above’ energy policy,” said Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Ky., at a Wednesday  hearing. “There’s one glaring absence and that has to be coal, which still provides almost 50 percent of the electricity in America,” he added.

The Hill reported that he showed a screenshot of the Obama campaign’s website that noted every other kind of fuel--but coal--in their all-of-the-above program.

By this morning, presto, “clean coal” is where “fuel efficiency” used to be. Clean coal refers to technology used to filter emissions.

The swap also came after Obama suffered a stunning embarrassment in West Virginia, where a Texas prison inmate won 40 percent of the Democratic presidential primary vote.

Most Democrats believe that was a protest vote from coal country upset over the president’s pro-green energy and cap and trade agenda.