Seven years into Hillary Clinton's tenure as first lady, a close aide outlined eight "style pointers" to consider adopting in interviews, with the goal of framing her as more likable and relatable.

"Look for opportunities for humor," Mandy Grunwald wrote to Clinton in a 1999 memo. "It's important that people see more sides of you, and they often see you only in very stern situations."

In that vein, Grunwald suggested Clinton's "tone stay informal and relaxed and therefore not political." Grunwald also advised Clinton to not "be defensive" in her interactions with the press, and to "be careful to 'be real.'"

The memo was published for the first time Friday as part of a larger cache of documents released by the Clinton Presidential Library.

Aside from tips pertaining to personal demeanor, Grunwald also made a telling messaging suggestion to Clinton, who in the year following her husband's sex scandal was looking to carve out a political brand independent of his.

"Don't use the administration's record as your own," Grunwald wrote. "You've spent a lot of years saying, ''My husband did X'. This... is about you. And you are not an incumbent."