The Air Force declared Santa Claus to be a hoax in a tweet that was intended to break up a Twitter-arms war between dueling regional bases in North Dakota and Missouri.

The @TeamMinot Air Force base in northern North Dakota and @Whiteman_AFB base in Missouri had been bickering back and forth on Twitter over which base is better.

The Air Force tried to break up the fight by urging both to be good or risk getting coal in their stockings come Christmas.

"We didn't want to have to do this, but if you 2 can't get along we must...Santa will bring you nothing this year...becuase he isn't real!" the Air Force tweeted Wednesday morning. "Alright that's it! You guys leave me no choice! No television for a week! @Whiteman_AFB @TeamMinot."

Both bases have joked about whose planes are bigger.