In an effort to crack down on sexual harassment in the Air Force, Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh has ordered that all pin-up posters of scantily clad women be removed from Air Force offices and public areas, according to a report by Becky Iannotta of the Air Force Times.

Commanders and supervisors in all corners of the Air Force will conduct a widespread sweep of all work spaces and public areas starting today, looking for pictures, calendars and other materials that objectify women.

“You know, briefing slides that show a half-dressed woman for some reason. Inappropriate calendars on a wall, jokes being told at the beginning of a squadron meeting that are just off-color, and nobody appreciates them,” Welsh said. “It’s the environmental stuff that has somebody going, ‘Well I really didn’t need to listen to that today. I don’t need to walk into the door to see that on the side of the guy’s cubicle.’”