Former Vice President Al Gore, the world's loudest voice on global warming, on Wednesday demanded that carbon polluters pay for damages he said are caused by climate change, including storms, fires and rising seas.

"The cost of carbon pollution is something we've all been living with and paying for years while the fossil fuel industry just keeps making record profits," said Gore at a global warming summit he's hosting in Chicago.

"It's time now to make the polluters pay for the damage they cause in super storms, wildfires, and rising seas, among other costs of carbon pollution, and put a price on carbon," he added.

Gore is hosting 1,500 "climate leaders" at his convention run by his group "The Climate Reality Project." It is also a training session for the 1,500 who are learning how to convince the nation that the threat from global warming is real.

Gore said that the nation has been paying for the damages of climate change "way too long now."

He said that the group will host an online report of the worst cases of pollution and climate change damages of 2013. In 2012, the very same "24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report," broke the world record for viewers of a live online event, with more than 17 million online views.

Gore also announced that he will host a climate change summit in New York City on September 23. "I want you to join with Climate Reality and me to come together with one shared goal: to unlock the potential of new media and technology to make our planet a better place and translate that potential into action," he said Wednesday morning in Chicago, according to a release from his group.

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