MSNBC's Al Sharpton brought some folksy wisdom to bear while discussing the latest jobs report, which shows that the unemployment rate has fallen to 7 percent.

"I know you big 1 percent guys talk about bad news being good news or the reverse, but for people that were out there marching yesterday at fast food and other places, 7 percent is good news," Sharpton said during a "Morning Joe" panel.

"His suit is a week's salary for me," an incredulous Brian Shactman cracked.

It's not actually "his" suit, exactly. "Sharpton's relationship with money has always been complicated," National Review's Jonah Goldberg noted in July. "When he claimed he didn't have the resources to pay damages in a defamation suit he lost, Sharpton was asked in a deposition how he could afford his suits. He didn't own them, he replied, someone else did. He was merely granted “access” to the garments as needed. The same went for his TV, silverware, etc."

All that, despite his slander of Steve Pagones, his work to incite anti-Semitic riots in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in 1995, and other instances of cultivating in his audience the kind of malice that ends in violence.

"In a healthy society, Sharpton might be on parole now," Goldberg suggested. "The establishment he constantly seeks to 'speak truth' to has enabled him in every conceivable way. He doesn’t just have access to his suits, he’s been given access to just about everything the 1 percent has to offer, including the very best cigars."