In a potential preview of how Republicans will attack over Obamacare during the 2014 mid-term elections, a congressional candidate in Alabama is shown in an ad released Tuesday comparing President Obama's new health care law unfavorably with the Bible and Constitution.

In the ad, Wells Griffith, one of 12 Republican candidates running in a special election, says: "My parents taught me to look to the Bible and Constitution for wisdom and guidance in life. But this document, Obamacare, this is why I'm running for Congress."

The ad culminates with Griffith throwing a copy of the health care law in the trash.

Although the television spot is a blip nationally — a five-figure, one-week buy in a Republican primary race — it provides an early look at how Republicans might approach the issue of Obamacare nationwide during the mid-term elections.

Griffith's ad was produced by the same political media and consulting group that has been tapped by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's re-election campaign, and Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy's bid for Senate against Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., among other high-profile races.

Republican polling, meanwhile, has shown Obamacare to be a ripe target for political attacks. A poll conducted on behalf of the National Republican Senatorial Committee found that two-thirds of Louisianans oppose the law, a trend that holds in many competitive races.