Alec Baldwin beckoned people to "take a knee" and watch the premiere of the new season of "Saturday Night Live," in which he is expected to reprise his Emmy-winning roll playing President Trump.

He said so in a tweet a little more than two hours out from the beginning of the show on Saturday. He also plugged his upcoming Trump parody book "You Can't Spell America Without Me."

The inclusion of "take a knee" is a reference to the protest movement in the NFL, taking place duing the national anthem, that President Trump spent the last week fighting against.

Baldwin became a guest fixture on "SNL" last season with this comical but unflattering take on the president.

"My only hope is that people will watch the show, and enjoy the show and think the show is funny, and then go out and vote next year in the midterm election, and start to change the direction we're going," Baldwin told USA Today about the new season. "Because I've never been more fearful about the future of the country than I am now."