A swelling chorus of worried voices on the Right is warning of the dangerous decisions being taken by President Obama in slashing American military might.

The most recent cuts announced by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will reduce the country's defenses to their weakest point since the fall of 1940.

But the Hagel cuts were preceded by five years worth of Obama reductions in military preparedness and weapons acquisition that were preceded by inconsistent funding throughout the Bush years.

The end result is, as Washington Examiner columnist James Jay Carafano puts it this morning, "after a decade of war and two decades of lackluster attention to modernizing the military, America has now pretty much exhausted the Reagan investment."

The new Anschluss?

Now that Russia's Vladimir Putin is invading the Crimean peninsula in preparation for taking the rest of Ukraine, the inevitable comparisons are being made with Hitler's 1938 annexation of Austria.

The parallels are disturbing, beginning with Putin's support of a takeover of the Crimean Parliament by Russian loyalists. Hitler used a coup by pro-Nazi Austrians as cover to move German troops across the border to "unify" the two countries.

And, like the long history of Germany and Austria as two sides of the same national coin, Russia has long considered the Ukraine as organically attached to itself. Russia, whether ruled by the Tsars or the Soviets, was never satisfied so long as the Ukraine was not securely under its dominance.

Now comes Eurasianism

Meet Aleksandr Dugin, dubbed by Robert Zubrin today on NRO as "Putin's Rasputin." Dugin's program is a strange, even exotic, mix of communism, Nazism, ecologism and Mother Russianism.

But the volatile mix of -isms shouldn't be dismissed as mere fanaticism. It has the potential to provide the unifying facade for a new era of Russian imperialism.

Dugin's obsession is seen in these words quoted by Zubrin: "Only a global crusade against the U.S., the West, globalization, and their political-ideological expression, liberalism, is capable of becoming an adequate response. ... The American empire should be destroyed.”

Those inclined to dismiss Eurasianist mix as impossibly volatile should recall the ease by which Hitler and Stalin carved up Poland in 1939. When the goal is brute conquest, words are merely means to evil ends.

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