A local deputy chief of police is moving up -- and out.

Hassan Aden, the deputy chief of police in Alexandria, is becoming the police chief in Greenville, N.C. after 25 years of rising successfully through the ranks.

"I am attracted to Greenville because of its innovative spirit and the priority it has placed on public safety and crime reduction," said Aden, who will start his new job on Nov. 26.

He spent 25 years with the Alexandria Police Department and previously served as captain over the largest police district in the city, where his work helped bring crime rates to near all-time lows. His specialties include internal investigations and police communications, and he currently oversees more than 200 employees and manages an annual budget of $22 million.

"Deputy Chief Aden is a seasoned law enforcement professional who has experience handling all aspects of police operations," Greenville City Manager Barbara Lipscomb said. "The entire interview panel and I were highly impressed with him. He is experienced in community-oriented, evidence-based policing which resulted in a tremendous turnaround in crime in his community."