Last night at the inaugural ball, singer Alicia Keys reworked her hit song ‘Girl on Fire’  to feature President Obama – on fire.

“She’s getting a round of applause from me,” CNN’s Piers Morgan noted after the song was over. “She may have just given the best free concert in the world!”

Read the new lyrics below:

He’s president and he’s on fire, hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway

He’s living in a world, and it’s on fire

Filled with catastrophe, but he knows he can fly away

Oh, he’s got both feet on the ground

And he’s burning it down

Oh, he’s got his head in the clouds

And he’s not backing down

Obama’s on fire

Obama’s on fire

He’s walkin' on fire

Obama’s on fire

Everybody stands as he goes by

If you could see the flame that's in his eyes

Watch him as he’s lighting up the night

Everybody knows that Michelle is his girl

Together they run the world

Burn, baby, burn, baby

Obama’s on fire he’s walking on fire

Obama’s on fire