Let me get this straight:

1. Government taxes an absurd portion of your money (about 40% of your marginal dollar, counting federal, state and payroll taxes, if your taxable income is over $70,000).

2. Government arbitrarily excludes some of your income from that punitive tax rate (what your employer pays for your health insurance).

3. Liberals explain to you that whatever you earn and government doesn't tax at 40%, you ought to consider a gift from government.

That's the premise behind Jonathan Chait's argument here, where he says folks with employer-sponsored health insurance "get coverage through the government" because it's "tax-subsidized insurance."

This is a familiar assertion, not just from admitted liberals like Chait, but also from the news pages of liberal mainstream publications like the New York Times, who categorized tax deductions such as the mortgage-interest deductions as "government social programs" just like food stamps.

It's kind of a scary mindset when you think about it.