With his approval ratings in the tank, the race to challenge Republican Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett in 2014 is attracting many candidates and a new poll out Tuesday shows there's a clear front-runner.

Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz leads a six-way Democratic primary poll by 7 points. Schwarz took 22 percent, Katie McGinty percent, Rob McCord 12 percent, John Hanger 7 percent, Ed Pawlowski 6 percent and Tom Wolf took 5 percent. Thirty-four percent of those polled said they are undecided.

"In the Philadelphia/Southeast region, Schwartz's lead grows to 36%," the poll shows. "It is the only region of the state where she leads on the ballot. In the more conservative Northern Tier, Schwartz drops to last place while McGinty leads the field with 24% of the vote."

Congresswoman Shwartz represents parts of Montgomery County and northeast Philadelphia and that advantage in southeastern Pennsylvania is key to winning any statewide election.

Schwartz drew a 32 percent favorable rating, the highest of any of the six prospective nominees.

Schwartz is hoping to win the party's nomination and then beat Corbett in next year's election. Corbett kicked off his re-election campaign last Wednesday with a 12-stop, week-long bus tour across the state. Despite historically low approval ratings and calls within his own party not to run, Corbett is running with the slogan "Promise Kept."