Amazon on Friday was offering rolls of toilet paper printed with tweets from President Trump.

A page on the Internet retail giant site showed individual rolls of Trump-themed toilet paper for $11.99 for Amazon Prime customers. The site said the item was being sold by a company called Toilet Tweets, and that delivery was being "fulfilled by Amazon."

By mid-Friday morning, the product appeared to be removed from the Amazon site. A new search for "Donald Trump Classic Tweets Toilet Paper" only led to a page that said the product was available through third parties.

The classic tweets include Trump's messages on Twitter from before he became president.

One of his tweets that made the roll is one from 2013, when he tweeted, "What I am saying is stay out of Syria."

"The electoral college is a disaster for democracy," said another in 2012 that is on the roll.

A third from 2014 said, "Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?"

Trump for months has been criticizing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post. Trump has accused the Post of writing "fake news," and has said Bezos is using the Post to protect Amazon from higher taxes.