America Rising, the opposition research PAC dedicated to embarrassing Democrats, launched their new website Wednesday morning emphasizing the importance of video.

"The old political ad with the scary black and white photo just doesn't cut it anymore," Executive Director Tim Miller told the Washington Examiner. "Voters want to see the evidence of a politician flip-flopping, being disingenuous or not sharing their values in order for the message to be compelling."

Each Democratic candidate has a feature page that highlights video clips of their various bloopers or unabashedly glowing remarks for the increasingly unpopular President Obama.

Sen. Mark Pryor's page, for example, features a comment he made calling Obamacare "an amazing success story."

"Video is what drives both viewers on the web and makes the case to voters in ads," Miller said.

The PAC has employed a handful of video trackers across the country capturing all the remarks made by Democratic candidates wherever they are.

Inside the building, America Rising's video team is building a searchable video archive on each candidate, enabling them to launch quick clips on any issue driving the day.

Having a video resource, allows other grassroots groups to use and share the clips in their own projects.

After the midterms, Miller plans to ramp up operations against the main target for 2016: Hillary Clinton. The group is already collecting a video archive of all of her media and public appearances.

"As our site continues to grow, we want it to be a one-stop-shop for video of Democratic candidates, so voters can see just how out of touch they are for themselves — and hopefully share that content with their networks," Miller said.