Passengers aboard an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu on Friday afternoon duct-taped a man to his seat after he attempted to ambush the cockpit.

The unnamed man was seated in coach and "tried to breach the cockpit door," according to a law enforcement officer with knowledge of the incident aboard Flight 31.

Two passengers in first class, Lee and Penny Lorenzen of Orange County, Calif., told the Associated Press they noticed an odd look on the flight attendant's face. Suddenly, she sped down the aisle with her cart and blockaded the aisle so the incoming passenger could not proceed toward the cockpit.

"You're not coming in here," the couple recalled her yelling at the man.

Passengers took hold of the man and duct-taped him to his seat.

Federal agents met the plane when it landed in Honolulu and the suspect was taken into custody where he is expected to face federal charges.