David Axelrod's mustache has lived atop his upper lip for years, but on Friday, he is buzzing it off in the name of charity. Folks at the American Mustache Institute have mixed feelings.

"When Mr. Axelrod first made the threat, we thought it was incredibly irresponsible considering that he really serves as a shining beacon of freedom to many mustached Americans," Institute Chairman Aaron Perlut told Yeas & Nays. "That being said, everything the American Mustache Institute does tends to have a charitable tie, and if sacrificing one extremely good-looking lip garment to benefit charitable means -- assuming Mr. Axelrod will regrow said lower-nose forestry unit -- we would be in favor of it."

Axelrod won a campaign bet against Joe Scarborough but said he would still make the sacrifice if he could raise $1 million toward epilepsy research, a disease his daughter suffers from. On Thursday afternoon, they reached their goal.