Americans think that public schools provide the worst education of any system in the country, according to a new Gallup survey.

“Public schools get a relatively poor rating, even though the vast majority of American children are educated in public schools,” Gallup reported after conducting a three-day survey this month.

Only 32 percent of Americans believe public schools deliver a good education, and just five percent of people surveyed believe students at public schools will receive an excellent education. Sixty-one percent of Americans think public schools will give only a fair education at best, including 18 percent who rate the education as poor.

The public school system’s disapproval rating is higher than the approval rating of charter school systems. Sixty percent of Americans think charter schools will provide at least a good (43 percent) or excellent (17 percent). Church schools have a higher approval rating, with 69 percent thinking that the education provided will be

Seventy-eight percent of Americans expect an independent private school to provide a good education, including 31 percent who say the education provided there is excellent.

Homeschooling also gets higher marks (good — 32 percent; excellent — five percent) than the public school system.