By a majority of three to one, Americans oppose President Obama's plan to get involved in the Syrian civil war, a blow to the administration and the latest evidence of the nation's war fatigue.

A new YouGov poll conducted after word leaked that Obama plans to arm Syrian rebels found that 54 percent oppose the effort and 18 percent support it.

What's more, 48 percent oppose arming the rebels even if the war spills over into neighboring countries. "One of the major worries of the wider international community is that the war is likely to spread to Lebanon, with reports already emerging that Syrian rebels have begun fighting Hezbollah forces inside Lebanon as well as inside Syria," said YouGov.

But if Israel were attacked, American support shifts to expanded aid to the Jewish State. "When asked how the U.S. should respond if the Israelis take action against the Syrian government, only 6 percent believe that the U.S. should also intervene, with most being content to either arm Israel (23 percent) or just provide diplomatic support (21 percent)," said the polling outfit.