A majority of Americans are still angry with President Obama's bailout of General Motors and Chrysler and as a result say they are far more likely to buy a Ford, which snubbed the president's offer.

Rasmussen Reports said that 55 percent of American adults continue to believe that the bailout was a lemon. Just 33 percent endorsed the bailout.

Ford officials said they saw the industry recession coming and made moves in advance to protect the truck and automaker from bankruptcy. The company even noted its move in a recent TV ad when an actual buyer said he chose a Ford because the company turned the government's money down.

Surprisingly, that support for Ford continues today, said Rasmussen. The pollster said that 57% of American adults are more likely to buy a Ford over the other two because of the bailout.

The bad news for GM: 52% of adults said "the fact that GM did take bailout money makes them less likely to buy a GM vehicle," said Rasmussen.

And it's not just talk: 17 percent of said they or someone they know decided to buy a Ford because the company didn't take the money.