Big congratulations are due to the producers and talent of And Then There's That ... upon reaching their first anniversary!

Haven't heard of the show? You'll probably be hearing a lot more about it soon.  And Then There's That ...  is a podcast series that is quite like a local radio talk show. Produced by the media production firm Pixel Workshop and found on the hyper-local news site, HoCoMoJo, the show is about "people, politics and punditry in Howard County." In tandem with their first anniversary, the show has now moved to a rather public spot for their recordings: The Mall in Columbia! If you find yourself walking through The Mall one day and see what appears to be a live radio show recording, that's them! Say "hi."

The show is hosted by Dennis Lane and Paul Skalny. Dennis is a commercial real estate professional with Ryan Commercial,  the developer of the Emerson One property in Howard County, a columnist for the Business Monthly for 15 years and running, and the most notable and longest running blogger in Howard County where he writes as Wordbones on Tales of Two Cities. Paul is a partner with Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC, and has been quite active in local boards, organizations and initiatives. In other words, the two of them, each to their own and together, have quite a span of local knowledge and understanding of issues, personalities and ... oh, let me use the show's tag line here: they have a lot of knowledge about "people, politics and punditry in Howard County."

They also have some sway. Their guests have ranged from state senators to county council members to directors of major organizations and government the county fair's farm queen, bloggers and renowned wildlife photographer, Michael Oberman.