Anderson Cooper said Monday President Trump's claim that the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape released during his 2016 presidential campaign may have been doctored was "frigging bizarre."

"Maybe it's because I've been off a week and when you're not in this on a daily basis you suddenly look at it from a slight distance, and you realize just how frigging bizarre this is," Cooper said during his CNN show.

"When you're doing it every single day after a while it starts to seem normal, but when you're away from it for a week and you come back, I mean, we're talking about the president of the United States telling people — now according to The New York Times, three people — that what he apologized for, what he talked about in the debate that I co-moderated, is not authentic," Cooper added.

On Saturday, the New York Times reported Trump told a senator and an adviser the "Access Hollywood" video in which he boasts about grabbing women by their genitalia without their consent may not be authentic.

A third source has since come forward to confirm the reporting, according to the newspaper.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Monday wouldn't say whether Trump believes the footage is real or fake.