MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell complained that conservative bloggers erroneously reported that First Lady Michelle Obama described the White House as a “really nice prison,” during a discussion with First Lady Laura Bush moderated by journalist Cokie Roberts.

NBC’s David Gregory played Michelle Obama’s comment during a roundtable discussion on “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

Mitchell defended Michelle Obama, reminding Gregory it was Roberts who brought up the idea that the White House could feel like a prison for a First Lady.

The First Lady, Mitchell argued, was actually “giving some serious thought to how it’s such a privilege to be First Lady.”

“And, of course, the, you know, blogosphere — the conservative blogosphere — took off on Michelle Obama describing is it as a prison, which is not what she did,” Mitchell continued.

See Michelle Obama’s full quote from the event below:


MRS. OBAMA: On the other hand, we get to work on what we’re passionate about.  And I think that that’s something that I would encourage all first ladies to never lose sight of.  You have an opportunity to speak to your passions and to really design and be very strategic about the issues you care most about.  And I just found it just a very freeing and liberating opportunity.

MS. ROBERTS:  No state prisoner?

MRS. OBAMA:  No, there are prison elements to it. But it’s a really nice prison, so –

MRS. BUSH:  But with a chef.

MRS. OBAMA:  You can’t complain.  But there is definitely elements that are confining.