The Obama administration is spending still more of your tax dollars to have Andy Griffith tout Obamacare. Politico writes:

Andy Griffith is back with another attempt to win over seniors. The beloved sheriff of Mayberry is appearing in new ads, backed by the Obama administration, touting the benefits of the health care reform law. The ads appeared in this weekend’s Parade magazine.

In its real first decade (2014 to 2023), according to CBO estimates, Obamacare would siphon nearly $1 trillion out of Medicare and spend it on Obamacare. In the process, it would so dramatically cut Medicare reimbursement rates that—according to the Medicare chief actuary—by 2019, reimbursement rates for Medicare would be below even those of Medicaid.  And Obamacare would cut Medicare Advantage funding to such a degree that millions of seniors would be forced off the plans they like and were so often told they’d get to keep.  Yet Griffith says, “Medicare just got stronger.”

Aren’t you glad you’re paying for this?

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