She didn't take over as first lady last year, but Ann Romney is following in Michelle Obama's footsteps in another way by making her first published book a mix of recipes and stories. "The Romney Family Table: Sharing Home-Cooked Recipes & Favorite Traditions," set for release in October, is the product of an all-son household, Romney said Friday at a Book Expo America panel in New York City.

"I thought to myself, uh oh, all of these traditions ... I might lose when my sons got married," she said. "So I put together a compilation of traditions to give to each daughter-in-law when they got married."

Her sons pushed her to publish the book, and tweaked a few recipes, such as one for homemade rolls. Romney said "it's an ordinary meatloaf and potato-type cookbook," with very few complicated recipes. Mitt Romney's favorite meatloaf recipe is included.

"For me this is an extension of what I value in life, bringing people to that table, extending that love, having people share in that love," she said.