Nancy Snow has been missing for nearly 32 years, and her case is one of the Washington area's oldest unsolved disappearances.

But it's still unclear exactly what happened to Snow, an employee of the Republican National Committee who had been working on a senatorial campaign in St. Louis during the 1980 election season and had moved to Annapolis after a divorce.

According to data from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons Database, Snow flew from Missouri to Baltimore on Nov. 5, 1980, to attend a party. She spent the night in a motel there and got breakfast with the party's host, who waited with her until her house-sitter, Paul Collins III, picked her up, according to NAMUS.

Collins told police after her disappearance that she had met a man named "Captain Jay" or "Captain J" at McGarvey's Saloon -- an Irish pub near her house in Annapolis -- after the election. He said Snow had been hired to sail a yacht from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to the Caribbean, and that in the wee hours of the morning on Nov. 8, he walked her to an intersection where she got into a van with her bags and $1,000.

That was the last time anyone saw her. In 2010, Annapolis police said they were searching for a 55-foot sailboat, the Cotton Blossom, which was docked in the Petrini Shipyard at the time Snow disappeared.

Snow, a former talk show host and a world traveler who spoke seven languages, was 44 when she vanished. She had three daughters, who were living in California with her ex-husband at the time of her disappearance. When she went missing, she was wearing a light-colored turtleneck and blue windbreaker and blue boat shoes, and always wore a necklace with a white stone with a gold band -- a Fega, or a Brazilian protection charm. Snow had graying hair and blue eyes and deformed second toes on each foot. She stood 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 120 pounds, and would be 76 years old today.

Anyone with any information on the case can call 410-222-1740.