Anne-Marie Slaughter is a wife, mother, and on Sept. 1 becomes president of D.C.-based think tank New America Foundation, a leadership role she says allows her to "combine doing work and family and foreign policy all in one place."

But she wants to make one thing clear: "Just don't start the article, 'Anne-Marie Slaughter now has it all.' "

The Princeton professor, former State Department director of policy planning, and author of last year's cultural bombshell, "Why Women Still Can't Have It All," told Yeas & Nays the point of her the Atlantic article was "most parents aren't in flexible positions where they're their own bosses."

So Slaughter chose her new job carefully, and plans to promote flexible policies as boss.

"D.C. has a pretty insane notion of what working really hard means," she said. "That's driven by government, but it's also driven by a [macho competition] culture that I don't think is particularly healthy. I do not think working longer means working better. ... If you change the culture around time management, there are plenty of people in this town who could get their work done and get home at a decent hour if the culture allowed them to."

Slaughter, who has been a member of the foundation's board, will work in D.C. a couple days a week while living in Princeton.

But she has to finish her book -- inspired by the article and due in September -- first. "This makes sure I will get it done because there's not much leeway," she laughed.