It probably wasn't the best idea former Wizards forward Andray Blatche has ever had, and he's made some doozies. There was the charge that he solicited a prostitute outside a District nightclub only to be arrested in a sting operation. There was the time he hosted "Lapdance Tuesday" at a Miami nightclub and promoted it on Twitter. There was his running practical joke battle with former teammate Gilbert Arenas that, ultimately and sadly, led to Arenas pooping in his teammate's shoe.

So maybe a few months after the Wizards tired of Blatche's act and literally paid him not to play for the team anymore with an amnesty buyout, he shouldn't have taken to trolling them. Now with the Brooklyn Nets, Blatche reportedly asked media before a game on Monday whether "anyone seen how the Wizards are doing?" -- knowing full well the team was 0-11 at the time.

After Brooklyn's thrilling overtime victory Monday, Blatche tweeted that "It feels good to be part of a winning organization." No doubt. But he was also broadcasting some serious insecurity. So radio station 106.7 The Fan asked Blatche to come on for an interview with midday hosts Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier on Tuesday to explain why. It didn't go well.

Blatche admitted that he was out of shape last season because he thought the NBA's lockout would lead to the cancelation of the entire season. He said the solicitation charge was the result of "a joke gone bad" and that "Lapdance Tuesday" was just a promotion at a regular nightclub -- not a stripclub. He also admitted the Arenas incident was "me being stupid" and that a reckless driving charge while on a suspended license "was my fault." Blatche did deny that he refused to check into a 2010 game against Charlotte because he was upset with coach Flip Saunders. That was "a misunderstanding."

But the interview, which began awkwardly and quickly careened towards contentious, ended with a Rouhier rant that started with "You were an embarrassment while you were here" and ended with "Keep the Wizards' name out your mouth."

Much like his game -- 8.5 points, 4.8 rebounds with the Nets so far -- Blatche's decision-making remains a work-in-progress.

- Brian McNally