Oil service companies in North Dakota are preparing another hiring blitz in 2014, thanks to an increase in shale oil production from the Bakken Formation.

Power Fuels, a subsidiary of Nuverra Environmental Solutions, will hire 300 new employees for the new year.

“We’re excited to significantly boost our employee base in response to the growing demand among energy industry customers for our services,” Mark Johnsrud, Nuverra’s chief executive officer, said.

While Power Fuels is one of the largest oil companies in the Bakken, other mid-size companies will be hiring 30 to 80 new employees as well.

There are now 8,000 wells on the ground extracting oil, and the increase in production means more jobs for everything from well operators to truck drivers and administrators.

“It’s reaching the point that production is getting as big as exploration-type jobs,” Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council, said.

The need for such production jobs had increased exponentially in 2013 and still continues to be a boom for the state. North Dakota had the highest population growth rate in the country for the year ending in July 2013. During that period, the state's population jumped 3.1 percent.