President Obama visited Star Restaurant and Ultra Lounge in Dubuque, Iowa, in August, and now the restaurant is “permanently closed,” according local news site TH Online:

A sign posted on the front door of the Port of Dubuque restaurant, at 600 Star Brewery Drive, says the business is “permanently closed.”…

Star Restaurant was one of the anchor tenants in the Dubuque Star Brewery, which was renovated in recent years and became one of the major attractions in the redeveloped Port of Dubuque.

The brewery redevelopment project totaled $6.5 million and was led by Wayne Briggs and a group he headed up called Port of Dubuque LLC.

The president stopped at the brewery while he and first lady Michelle Obama were in Dubuque for a campaign event at Alliant Energy Amphitheatre.

Just last week, Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington, Va., has also closed. Obama has visited Ray’s Hell Burger with both Vice President Joe Biden and Dmitri Medvedev, who was Russia’s president at the time.