When the New York Times asked a question about his new venture, the Scaramucci Post, Anthony Scaramucci replied with an emoji and Minions from "Despicable Me."

Not much is known about the Scaramucci Post, which Scaramucci teased on his personal Twitter account earlier this month, and has since kicked off as Twitter and Instagram accounts. In the description on Twitter, the account says "Coming soon."

The former White House communications director declined interviews with the New York Times, but according to a report Friday, when asked about who was running the Scaramucci Post, Scaramucci's reply was a Santa Claus emoji.

He also added a picture of the lovable yellow-pill henchman, the Minions, from the "Despicable Me" film series.

Scaramucci made a name for himself as a bomb-thrower during his brief tenure in the Trump administration, which ultimately contributed to his downfall. He took a hardline on leakers and notably said vulgar things about his colleagues during an interview with the New Yorker, including suggesting that Steve Bannon performed a sex act on himself.