Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said his former boss, President Trump, had no choice but to attack ousted White House chief strategist Steve Bannon despite the effect it could have on the conservative brand.

"You know he's not dumb, I know he's not dumb. In fact, if anything, he's got probably the best emotional intelligence in terms of sizing and reading people, and he got Steve Bannon right," Scaramucci said on ABC Thursday morning.

"He probably felt that way privately about him and he was trying to keep the peace, 'cause he'd like to keep the coalition of the Republican Party together, but when you've got a lone wolf like that, operating rogue against the president's interests, he had no choice but to do what he did yesterday," he added.

Scaramucci, a long-time friend to Trump, added that he does not know what parts of Michael Wolff's forthcoming book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" are accurate.

"It's unclear to me what is true, honestly, and what isn't true," said Scaramucci.

Trump's legal team sent Bannon a cease and desist letter late Wednesday for comments he made about Trump's family and campaign in a preview published earlier in the day.