Here's a truly disturbing thought — What if members of Congress were able to spend as much of your money as they wanted?

Here's the good news: It is possible to find an answer to that question for each of the 435 members of the House of Representatives and all 100 U.S. senators.

It's called "Appropriate Appropriations?" and it's the brainchild of two guys who spend most of their waking hours making trouble for Washington's professional politicians, in both parties.

Real spending tracker

The troublemakers are Luke Rosiak, a senior member of the Washington Examiner's Watchdog investigative reporting team, and Jim Harper, director of information policy studies for the Cato Institute.

Appropriate Appropriations? tracks every bill introduced by every congressman and the amount of spending attached to it, as marked up by Cato's innovative Deepbills project.

Besides being a journalist-sleuth, Rosiak is also a highly talented programmer. Harper has been called "the digital era's Diogenes the Cynic" for his passion for transparency and accountability in government.

Real spending transparency

Rosiak introduces Appropriate Appropriations? today on with a juicy selection of examples drawn from the current Congress.

How juicy? For starters, there's the $30,000 gold medal Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, wanted taxpayers to fund for golf great Jack Nicklaus.

And there's the $80 million Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, wanted the taxpayers to fork out to encourage tapping trees for maple syrup.

Thanks to Rosiak and Harper, information about federal spending is no longer limited to the useless drip, drip Washington would prefer.

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