After allegedly breaking up a few weeks ago, Katy Perry and John Mayer were photographed leaving the Little Door restaurant in Los Angeles together late Tuesday night.

After their breakup, the two were reportedly working on their friendship after dating throughout the summer -- but according to People magazine, this was a romantic dinner.

"They are seeing each other again," a source tells People.

Just last weekend Katy, 27, and John, 34, stepped out together to take in the indie bands at the FYF Fest in L.A.

Perhaps all this on-again, off-again stuff will give these two some songwriting inspiration.

Future exes

It looks like Heidi Klum and Seal are about to be officially divorced.

According to TMZ, Seal is fully on board with ending the marriage and recognizes that the postnuptial agreement he signed is enforceable and will be "substantially honored."

Early on in the divorce proceedings, Seal tried to challenge the postnup. And he recently made snide comments about Heidi's alleged relationship with her bodyguard, saying she was "fornicating with the help."

According to the gossip site, the singer quickly retracted his comments because he didn't want the divorce negotiations to become acrimonious.

Singing to empty seats

Is the next season of "American Idol" already in turmoil?

According to TMZ, the show is still in need of two more judges. And they're going to need them fast because the on-air auditions in New York City start in two weeks.

So far, only one new judge has signed a deal -- Mariah Carey, who inked a reported $18 million contract.

That leaves two seats open with no contracts signed, plus, Randy Jackson, who had served as a judge since season one, hasn't signed his deal to take on a smaller role and become a mentor.

According to the gossip site, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are execs' choices to fill the empty seats, but nothing is official yet.

As of now, the only cast members with contracts are host Ryan Seacrest and Mariah. Still, with only those two, it would be a pretty entertaining show.