President Obama's anti-carbon emissions program is a classic illustration of how liberal elites shape federal regulatory policies.

The New York Times on Sunday posted a revealing story that described in detail how two lawyers and a climate-scientist-turned-lobbyist at the Natural Resources Defense Council crafted a 110-page proposal that was Obama's "blueprint."

The Times described it as "a remarkable victory" for NRDC, which "has a reach that extends from the big donors of Wall Street to the elite of Hollywood (Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Redford are on its board) to the far corners of the Environmental Protection Agency ..."

NRDC's $289 million

The New York City-based NRDC is just one of many huge Big Green environmental groups, yet just in the past 15 years, it has received more than 4,000 grants from wealthy foundations worth more than $289 million, for an average of $19 million annually, according to Foundation Search.

That compares to the $3 million spent by the Koch Industries PAC in 2012, its biggest year since 1990, according to

But wealthy foundations aren't NRDC's only income source. According to the group's 2012 IRS 990 tax return, it received more than $92 million in total contributions that year. The group's net assets are worth $183 million.

Rockefeller loves NRDC

Even a cursory look at the NRDC's lengthy list of grants from philanthropies — many originated by immensely wealthy men like John D. Rockefeller — reveals a laundry list of such groups.

The Rockefeller Foundation has given NRDC 18 grants since 2003 worth a total of $3.1 million. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has made 12 such grants since 1999, worth a total $1.4 million.

The Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors has given NRDC a dozen grants since 2003, worth a total of $615,500. The Rockefeller Family Fund has given NRDC three grants since 2008, for a total of $350,000.

But wait, there's always more!

By comparison, the Ford Foundation is a piker, having given NRDC only three grants since 2003 worth a measly $224,331.

Not to worry, though, because NRDC has lots of other wealthy charitable patrons, including the Annenberg Foundation, which since 2003 has given the group seven grants worth $1.3 million.

And if things ever get really tight for NRDC, there's always the Tides Foundation — the original "dark money" treasure chest for liberal political activists — which since 1999 has given 38 grants worth $2.7 million.

OK, so what?

Here's so what: NRDC shaped Obama's anti-carbon program -- which will cost millions of jobs and cripple U.S. economic growth -- but it's far from the wealthiest, or most powerful Big Green group.

The Sierra Club, for example, received 2,038 grants since 1999, worth a total of $413 million. The Environmental Defense Fund has gotten 1,491 grants worth more than $294 million over the same period.

In other words, just these three Big Green groups have received $996 million since 1999 — call it $1 billion for short — from wealthy foundations.

Compare that to the mere $17.8 million raised by the Koch Industries PAC in its entire history, funds that were solicited out of concern for a wide variety of issues, not merely those of the environment.

Now who are the rich bullies on the block?

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