My column today for the Examiner  is about the return of the Hostess company and how it continues to be dogged by controversy over its labor policies:

Hostess, which is finally re-emerging from bankruptcy after closing down last year, went in full damage-control mode this week after a Wall Street Journal story indicated it was going to keep unions out of its workforce.

The Journal quoted C. Dean Metropoulos, head of one of the two private equity companies reviving the iconic snack company, as saying: “We do not expect to be involved in the union going forward.”

In a press release Monday, Hostess Brands cravenly walked that back: “The recent statements in the press attributed to various Hostess officials are incomplete and do not reflect the policies of Hostess.”

Lawyers clearly dictated that wording, since it’s against federal labor law to block any union organizing. But how many think Metropoulos wasn’t saying what he really thought?