Ashe Schow of the Washington Examiner and Mariah Blake of Mother Jones work for media organizations that aren't normally thought of as being on the same wavelength.

But on this particular Monday, Schow and Blake are definitely listening to a common journalistic muse.

They report from different tacks — Schow focuses specifically on one issue while Blake addresses a more general question — but both are well worth reading for the same reason: They have fresh and important insights for readers about how men and women should be valued in civil society.

Due process for men

Schow's focus is on the case of Kevin Parisi, a former Drew University junior who was unjustly accused of forcing a female student to have sex with him in his dorm room:

"He was kicked off campus and placed under investigation. Three months went by before he was found 'not responsible' in a campus disciplinary proceeding. Local police never filed charges against him," Schow tells us.

"Being accused, however, was enough to cause his world to collapse. Now he is suing Drew for assuming he was guilty from the outset and treating him as such until it was determined he was innocent."

There are dozens of similar cases across the country in what appears to be a gathering rebellion against an academic culture saturated with radical feminist assumptions that undermine constitutional rights like due process.

Women defending men's rights?

Blake looks at the views and biographies of a half-dozen women who are vigorously defending men against feminist extremism.

"It may seem counterintuitive that women would be helping drive the conversation about a movement that's fighting anti-male discrimination and campaigning fiercely against feminism," Blake reports.

Interestingly enough, two of these women — Karen Straughan and Janet "Judgybitch" Bloomfield — are Canadians who shred feminist cliches with acidic logic and humor. Both attained public notice via YouTube.

Pendulum swings both ways

Injustice abounds whenever ideologues have no limits upon their exercise of power. It takes genuine intellectual courage to challenge orthodoxy, especially on the typical American college campus and in the mainstream media where the many isms of liberal orthodoxy reign supreme.

Schow shines much-needed light on the injustice of dispensing with the presumption of innocence, while Blake does the same by highlighting six heretofore obscure but intellectually courageous women.

That's what journalism does at its best — bring into clearer view previously unseen people and forgotten ideas that make us think in new ways about old issues.

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