CNN morning anchor Chris Cuomo invited Ari Fleischer on his program Monday morning after the former Republican White House press secretary accused the show of being hostile to President Trump.

Fleischer had tweeted that he had been watching CNN's morning programming and saw that it was unfair to Republicans and Trump.

"I’ve been watching CNN’s morning show recently," Fleischer said. "It seems to have two main topics. 1) What did Trump/GOP do wrong? 2) How bad is the collusion story for Donald Trump. If you’re a Democrat guest, you’re free to speak. If you’re a Republican, you’ll always be interrupted."

"Please, Ari," Cuomo responded on Twitter. "You have been on and had your say many times and are always welcome. Let me know when you want to get it on."

CNN's "New Day" does spend much of its programming on the FBI investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election, though Republican lawmakers are frequent guests brought on to defend the White House.

Trump regularly singles out CNN as "fake news."