A Republican lawmaker in Arkansas wants to remove the names of Bill and Hillary Clinton from Little Rock's airport.

State Sen. Jason Rapert says some pilots are not happy about flying into Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, and that the name of a former president who was impeached for having sexual relations with an intern should be removed, according to the Associated Press.

It's not clear what the bill's prospects are, but Republicans are in charge of both the legislature and the governor's office.

Rapert noted that other women have accused Clinton of sexual harassment and should not have to be reminded of it should they visit the facility. "How would you feel if you had to walk through that airport?" Rapert asked.

Clinton served as Arkansas governor for nearly 12 years before becoming president in 1993. The airport was renamed for the Clintons after having been named for decades after Arkansas National Guard Capt. George Geyer Adams, a longtime Little Rock councilman killed in the line of duty in 1937.

"Political friends of the Clintons decided to strip his honor," Rapert said.