"You may have seen a TV ad with my Mom," Arkansas Republican Senate candidate Tom Cotton says in a YouTube clip released on Thursday. "It made her a celebrity, and it made my Dad a little jealous."

That opening line references a November ad with Cotton's mother, Avis, discussing his military service in Iraq and Afghanistan. "They offered to make him a military lawyer," she said in the ad, "but Tom insisted on the infantry, just like his Dad."

So Cotton's newest ad features his father. "I owe my Dad a lot," Cotton says, sitting on the tailgate of a pickup. "He gave me a good name, a duty to country, a lot of common sense. Dad said, 'Don't spend what you don't have, and stand on principle — even if you have to stand alone.' "

The ad closes with Cotton's father, who has been feeding hay to cows throughout the ad, making a polite suggestion: "When you get through politickin', come on and give me a hand."

Cotton, who is in a tight race against Democratic incumbent Mark Pryor, has made a point of emphasizing his military service. Pryor attempted to push back against that message in April, accusing Cotton of having a "sense of entitlement" because of his military service.

Cotton responded by promptly appearing in a video with his boot camp drill sergeant, who Cotton said taught him "accountability, humility, and putting the unit before yourself."

In an April interview with the Washington Post, Cotton said Pryor "isn't putting Arkansas first any more" and "isn't living up to his word."

"Whatever Senator Pryor has been saying in Arkansas," Cotton told the Post, "he hasn't been voting that way in Washington, D.C."

(You can watch all of Cotton's interview with the Post in the video below.)