Food truck owners in Arlington are rejoicing following a court decision Monday that found one of the area's most popular vendors did not violate a controversial county restriction that sets strict limits on how long the trucks can park.

County rules now allow food trucks to park and serve food for only an hour at a time. Truck owners who don't move after 60 minutes risk a citation.

Three times last year, the owners of the Seoul Food truck received a citation for breaking county code. After paying the first two fines, they decided to fight back and sued, claiming their truck had not been parked for 60 minutes when it received a citation.

An Arlington County judge ruled in their favor, paving the way for the county to loosen its controversial code and work with food truck vendors to amend it.

"We are profoundly relieved to have this behind us," co-owner Jon Goree said. "This victory will help make other Arlington food trucks more comfortable working in the area."

County officials said they will continue working with food truck owners to rewrite the rules.