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Buzz Cut:
• As GOP unites, focus shifts back to Dems
• Power Play: Mississippi mud
• Obama pushed into action on VA scandal
• ObamaCare delivers big bailouts for big insurance
• He’s bound by a wild desire

Talk to any Democratic operative six months ago and they’d have probably told you that Republican hopes for capturing the Senate would be upended by nasty primaries in Georgia and Kentucky where party infighting put red seats in play. Well, that didn't happen. In fact, Republicans have emerged in those races and in all the contests so far with strong candidates. There are some potential pitfalls ahead – Mississippi and Alaska come to mind – but so far Republicans are getting what they want. Democrats have embraced a new talking point: The primaries don’t matter because all Republicans are Tea Party Republicans now. But voters know better because, after all, the Democratic narrative pushed in the establishment press for more than a year has emphasized the GOP divide. The Emily Litella approach won’t work.

[GOP renegades quickly made peace after setbacks in Georgia and Kentucky, just as party elders immediately laid down their arms after a loss two weeks ago in Nebraska. For complete coverage of Tuesday’s results, count on Fox News.]

Back to you, Democrats - With quality candidates improving Republican chances to defend its current seats and unity candidates like Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton coasting to primary victories in states where the GOP is trying to snatch seats from Democrats, the focus inevitably turns to the Democrats and their crop of Senate hopefuls. Republicans are eager for the chance. The pro-Republican group America Rising launched a Web site today targeting Georgia Democratic Senate nominee Michelle Nunn. Featured prominently is Nunn’s non-answer to the question of how she would have voted on ObamaCare. In Kentucky, Democratic nominee Alison Lundergan Grimes swatted at President Obama in her acceptance speech, saying she opposed the administration’s “war on coal” and bragging that she “won't answer to the president, no matter who he or she might be.” But as the Lexington Herald-Leader reports outside groups supporting McConnell have already reserved $5.2 million in air time, including a $575,000 ad buy blasting Grime’s support from Hollywood’s liberal elite.

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