Wendy Davis' gubernatorial campaign isn't going so well.

She knows it. The Left knows it. Texas knows it. So what's an unpopular politician to do when they're struggling to gain support?


In February, Davis' campaign called a proposal from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott - Davis' opponent - to send 500 state troopers to help secure the border “an affront to immigrants and the border region.”

But that was so four months ago, apparently, because now Davis is praising Texas Gov. Rick Perry for sending additional troopers to the border.

In a letter to Perry, Davis requested the governor “declare a state of emergency,” call an “emergency special session” of the legislature, “request additional immigration judges” and “send the state/local bill to the federal government.

“The situation is untenable. Federal border agents and facilities are overwhelmed trying to address this human crisis instead of focusing on their first priority to secure our border from drug smugglers, human traffickers and terrorists,” Davis wrote. “You took a solid step, which I support, to address that by increasing support to the Department of Public Safety to help along the border.”

My, what a difference four months makes.