During his speech at the National Press Club today, RNC chairman Reince Priebus extended an olive branch to the Ron Paul liberty movement as he previews his “Growth and Opportunity” project to bring more voters into the Republican party.

“We will also network with organizations that are part of the liberty movement [Ron/Rand Pauls],” he said, vowing to “strengthen our ties and mobilize volunteers” with the movement.

Priebus was widely criticized by Ron Paul supporters throughout the primary process in 2012, especially after he ignored their protest to pass the Credential Committee report that unseated Ron Paul delegates in Maine during the convention.

But Priebus seems more open to young Ron Paul supporters working to integrate more libertarian principals into the Republican party.

“I, for one, praise this new generation of liberty-minded Republicans,” Priebus said in his CPAC speech last week. “Just by speaking out, they got the attention and support of people who don’t vote for us.”

Priebus appears more willing to accept the Ron Paul supporters now that Rand Paul has inherited his father’s movement.