Newly appointed Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy will answer questions about global warming Friday at 12:30pm using the hashtag #AskGinaEPA.

"Helping communities adapt to the changing climate and cutting carbon pollution will be a significant part of EPA's work over the coming years — the Agency will play a key role in implementing President Obama's Climate Change Action Plan," the EPA wrote on its blog.

President Obama released an extensive plan in June to tackle global warming, which included costly executive actions that would kill jobs, increase energy prices and not change global temperatures one iota. But that hasn't stopped the EPA from moving forward with regulations that have already caused 205 coal-fired generators to announce they will close. These regulations will result in as many as 17,000 lost jobs as well.

Knowing this hasn't changed EPA's mission, either. Instead, it has prompted McCarthy to say that people should simply "stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs."

People will stop talking about the EPA's job-killing ways when the EPA stops killing jobs.